Updated 4/8/17
Image of artist, Michael Anderson, in front of one of his mural installations.
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Picture of an octopus mural from Ocean View Elementary school.


Facebook Page with new artwork pictures.

The Islands and Oceans Center, Homer AK

Cordova Museum

Fireweed Gallery, Homer AK

2 Friends Gallery

Boise Watershed Environmental Education Center, River Campus

Thunder Mountain High School

Image of intertidal art on the wall, in the Islands and Ocean Center lobby.

Picture of the base of a totem at Thunder Mountain High School.

Michael C. Anderson, Artist. Ceramic murals and pottery.

My work is bas-relief tile and functional pottery created from cone 10 stoneware. I sculpt, inscribe, and/or slip paint to achieve my visual aesthetic. The maritime environment where I live provides much of the inspiration and the subjects seen in the patterns and compositions, which make my work unique.











General questions can be directed to: mvaclay@gmail.com

Any questions or comments about the website, please contact the webmaster: info@michaelandersonartist.com

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Picture of a rhinosculpin.

Picture of the artwork around the elevator at Islands and Ocean Center.

Picture of a heron jar.